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Columbus State University

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COMM 2105. Interpersonal Communication (3-0-3) A study of the fundamental concepts of person-to-person communication including opportunities to practice skills such as supportive behaviors, active listening, and assertiveness.

COMM 2110. Inter-ethnic Cultural Communication. (3-0-3) A study of the theoretical and practical issues related to inter-ethnic and multicultural communication among residents of the United States. This course introduces students to critical concepts to analyze how culture, identity, and the meanings of "difference" are reflected, shaped, and negotiated in and through our everyday communication practices.

COMM 2136. Group Communication (3-0-3) Study of the theories of group dynamics, with experiential training in methods and procedures of group problem solving.(Course Fee Required)

COMM 2137. Introduction to Mass Communication (3-0-3) General orientation to the field of mass communication, including a survey of journalism, broadcasting, the Internet, public relations, advertising, photography, film and recording mediums. This course will briefly review the history and basic operation of each major mass medium and introduce critical evaluation of media performance.