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Columbus State University

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EDCI 6158. Trends and Issues in Middle Grades and Secondary Education (2-0-2) A survey of contemporary trends and issues affecting middle-grades and secondary curriculum and teaching. Consideration of school reform, technology, multi cultural/global perspectives, national standards, and inclusion.

EDSE 6175. Program Evaluation Applied to the Educational Setting (2-0-2) Corequisite: EDSE 6212. This course outlines the procedures used to evaluate programs in the educational setting, including practical guidelines for designing and conducting a program evaluation.

EDSE 6212. Assessment in Secondary Education II (1-1-1) Prerequisite: EDSE 6111. Corequisite: EDSE 6175. This course expands teachers’ knowledge and skills in assessment at the school level. Students will analyze high-stakes, large scale testing, and assessment data as part of a needs assessment to improve teaching and learning through data informed decision making.