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Columbus State University

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EDCI 6158. Trends and Issues in Middle Grades and Secondary Education (2-0-2) A survey of contemporary trends and issues affecting middle-grades and secondary curriculum and teaching. Consideration of school reform, technology, multi cultural/global perspectives, national standards, and inclusion.

EDSE 6175. Program Evaluation Applied to the Educational Setting (2-0-2) Corequisite: EDSE 6212. This course outlines the procedures used to evaluate programs in the educational setting, including practical guidelines for designing and conducting a program evaluation.

EDSE 6212. Assessment in Secondary Education II (1-1-1) Prerequisite: EDSE 6111. Corequisite: EDSE 6175. This course expands teachers’ knowledge and skills in assessment at the school level. Students will analyze high-stakes, large scale testing, and assessment data as part of a needs assessment to improve teaching and learning through data informed decision making.

ISCI 5555. Contemporary Topics in Science (3-0-3) Prerequisites: ISCI 2001, ISCI 2002 with grades of C or better. This course is designed to engage students in the study of contemporary issues in science through examination of evidence and formulation of scientific argument. Through engagement in the habits of mind of scientific inquiry, students will develop content knowledge and understanding of the interrelationships of pure and applied sciences and technology.