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Columbus State University

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EDCI 6227. Foundations of Education - Human Development, Motivation, and Learning (2-0-2) Prerequisite: College Baccalaureate degree in an area certifiable by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, or in a related field. This course is part of the Master of Arts in Teaching programs. The interrelationships between human development, teaching and learning, including stage theories of development and age characteristics of learners, understanding cultural diversity and socioeconomic differences, motivation and classroom management.

EDCI 6481. Clinical Experience I (0-4-2) Provides the teacher candidate an opportunity to apply learning in informal and/or formal educational settings. Includes experiences in observing, planning, and instructing. (Course fee required.)

EDCI 6796. Introduction to Teaching and Inquiry-Based Instruction (3-0-3) An introduction to the theory and practice that is necessary to design and deliver excellent instruction in grades 6-12.

EDSE 6165. Literacy in the Content Areas (2-0-2) This course addresses reading and writing skill development in all populations including those with limited English abilities, problems in content reading assignments, and nonreaders. Special attention is given to developing strategies for teaching reading and writing to students at various skill levels across the curriculum.

SPED 6111. Introduction to Special Education (1-0-1) Laws influencing special education and Georgia's guidelines for identification and alternative educational programs for exceptional children. Includes learning and behavioral characteristics of children with disabilities, gifts, and talents.