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EDUL 6226. Curriculum Design for the High Achievement of All Students (3-0-3) Develops a comprehensive understanding of best practices in curriculum and applies that knowledge to the alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment to standards.

EDUL 6235. Adult Learner Instructional Strategies (3-0-3) The candidate will investigate adult motivation and coaching. How to facilitate, implement, and sustain research-based instructional strategies, authentic instructional pedagogy, thematic curriculum and creative effective school learning communities will be a major focus.

EDUL 6255. Collaboration for Improved Student Achievement (2-2-3) The candidate will investigate community-school collaborations. Teacher-Leaders will learn how to build and be a part of a viable team that focuses on high achievement for all students. Candidates develop a community involvement plan that includes all stakeholders of a local school. Thirty (30) clock hours of field experiences are required to meet with stakeholders from a community to conduct assessments of the school program.

EDTL 6156. Developing Teacher Leaders (3-0-3) This course provides an in-depth investigation of the roles and responsibilities of the Teacher Leader. Candidates participate in a comprehensive examination of how essential elements of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and ongoing reflection and staff development are interwoven to develop effective, research-based teaching and learning. Theoretical principles and practices for effective program development are addressed including but not limited to staff development, collaboration with all stakeholders, mentoring and coaching for improved teaching and learning, and curriculum analysis, assessment, and development.

EDTL 6157. Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning (3-0-3) This course expands teachers’ knowledge and skills in assessment techniques for all students. Teachers will be prepared to work with others to design and implement assessment practices and analyze data to improve teaching and learning through data informed decision making.

EDTL 6685. Teacher Leadership Internship (0-0-1-2) Prerequisite: Successful completion of a minimum of 18 semester hours from Areas I and II to include EDTL 6156, EDTL 6157, and EDUL 6235. Provides opportunities for the synthesis and application of knowledge, skills, and dispositions of teacher leaders in partner schools. The internship is provided in one- or two-hour increments during a minimum of two semesters for a total of three credit hours. Professional learning experiences include, but are not limited to: Mentoring and coaching, collaborating with stakeholders, designing and implementing professional learning, leading curriculum assessment and data analysis for decision making. May be repeated for a maximum of three credit hours. Prerequisites include: (S/U grading; Course fee required)