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Columbus State University

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EURO 2105. Introduction to the European Union (3-0-3) A survey of the politics, history, economics, geography, economy and culture of the European Union. First required course for the European Union Certificate. (Course fee required.)

LEAD 1705. Introduction to Servant Leadership (2-0-2) Will enable students to define leadership and to understand the concept of Servant Leadership. Students will begin to examine their own beliefs about leaders, leadership, and themselves. They will be introduced to the current research literature on leadership and will become acquainted with various leadership theories. Necessary skills for effective leaders will be introduced and practiced. This course includes a community service component and is open to all students. (Course fee required.)

LIBR 1105. Library Research Methods (2-0-2) This hands-on course introduces students to contemporary research techniques and strategies to become efficient and effective consumers and creators of information in the 21st century. The study of the role of libraries in society and nature of information will coincide with access to key online and electronic resources. In addition, students will learn important aspects of the research process in order to appropriately acquire, evaluate, organize and ethically use collected information. The knowledge and practical competencies in this course creates a foundation for academic success and lifelong learning. (Course fee required.)

POLS 2401. Global Issues (3-0-3) This courses introduces students to contemporary issues in global affairs. It assumes no prior knowledge of international relations. The course examines problems facing the global community, as well as the prospects for governments, individuals, and international groups to address those problems. Issues include population and demographics, natural resources and the environment, the globalization of the economy, terrorism and threats to security, development and technology, global security, ethics, human rights, and the role of the United States and other regional powers in world affairs.

HIST 1111. World History to 1500 (3-0-3) A survey of world history to early modern times.

HIST 1112. World History since 1500 (3-0-3) A survey of world history from early modern times to the present.