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ITDS 3115. Seven Revolutions in Global Change (6-0-6) This course is designed to introduce students to leadership studies from an international perspective using the Seven Revolutions as a framework. Seven Revolutions is a project led by the Global Strategy Institute at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to identify and analyze the key policy challenges that policymakers, business figures, and other leaders will face out to the year 2025. It is an effort to promote strategic thinking on the long-term trends that too few leaders take the time to consider.

ITDS 4999. Capstone (0-0-3) The capstone course is intended as a culminating experience for students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts. The student learning outcomes and subsequent course requirements are purposefully designed to demonstrate the student has successfully met the student learning outcomes for the program of study. Each student will work with his/her academic advisor to determine which track within the capstone course would provide the most appropriate venue through which the student could demonstrate proficiency in the student learning outcomes for the program.

PHIL 2500. Formal Logic (3-0-3) An introduction to contemporary techniques in logic with special attention given to deductive models and decision methods. Emphasis is placed on the application of logic to argument analysis, problem solving, foundations of mathematics, science, and computer science.