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Columbus State University

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MUSC 2511. Recording Technology 1 (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MUSC 2510 with a "C" or better. An introduction to the basics of digital recording technology. Topics include digital recording systems, microphone design, microphone placement, and basic mixing technique.

MUSC 3311. Computer Music 1 (2-1-3) Prerequisite: MUSC 2512 with a "C" or better. Study of the essential components of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) technology; synthesizer and sequencer capabilities; sequencer recording and editing.

MUSC 3312. Computer Music 2 (2-1-3) Prerequisite: MUSC 3311 with a "C" or better. Continuation of MUSC 3311. Introduction to object-oriented programming environments (MAX/MSP) and real-time audito synthesis (SuperCollider).

MUSC 4699. Audio Technology Internship (0-0-3) Prerequisite: MUSC 3312 with a C or better. Students acquire practical experience in audio recording, editing, and management of an audio studio.

MUSC 4899. Independent Study (0-0-2) Prerequisites: MUSC 3229 with grade of "C" or better and Approval of Director of School of Music. Independent research. The course may be repeated with different content, by Director's permission. The student must earn a "C" or better to count this course in Areas G or H.

MUSA 1215. Secondary Applied Music (1/2-1-1) Requires departmental approval. Instruction on individual instruments/voice. May be repeated for credit. (Course Fee Required)