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Columbus State University

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SPED 2256. Introduction to the Exceptional Learner in General Education (3-1-3) For prospective and practicing teachers. Emphasis is placed on meeting the needs of learner with disabilities in general education programs. Required adaptations and modifications, and available resources and services for these learners are stressed. 30 hours field experience required. (Course fee required.)

SPED 5286. Teaching the Preschool Child with Disabilities (2-2-3) Information for the effective instruction of young children, birth through age five, with disabilities. Field experiences required. (Course fee required.)

SPED 6265. Advanced Assessment of Exceptional Children and Youth (2-2-3) The emphasis of this course is on basic psychometric concepts related to theory and interpretation of test results and psychological reports. Special attention is given to the diagnosis of students based upon psychometric data. The selection of remedial education programs related to these test results as well as recent issues in testing are discussed. This course emphasizes the selection of standardized test batteries and norm-referenced and criterion-referenced assessment techniques. (Course fee required.)

SPED 6145. Language Instruction for Children with Disabilities (2-2-3) Prerequisite: Department approval. Surveys instructional methods and materials used to teach speaking, listening, reading and writing, to children with disabilities. Emphasizes the teaching of study skills, thematic approaches, and improvement of memory. (Course fee required.)