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Columbus State University

Criminal Justice Options

CRJU 1105. Introduction to Criminal Justice (3-0-3) A survey of history, philosophy, functions, and relationships among criminal justice systems. Particular attention will be given to the behavioral, social, political, and policy aspects of the justice system at the state and federal levels including constitutional issues.

CRJU 2105. Criminology (3-0-3) Critical analysis and evaluation of major theories concerning the causes of crime and the implications of them for the prevention of criminal behavior.

CRJU 2106. Survey of Corrections (3-0-3) Analysis and evaluation of both historical and contemporary correctional systems. Deals with the development, organization, operation and results of different systems of corrections found in America.

CRJU 2116. Victims of Violence (3-0-3) Theories of victimization and the extent of victimization in society introduces this course. Spouse abuse, child maltreatment, elder abuse, rape, homicide, and issues in victims rights are discussed to illustrate the interaction between the victim, the criminal, the criminal justice system, and society.

CRJU 2145. Criminal Law (3-0-3) This course covers the historical origins and evolution of substantive law and its current purposes in the criminal justice system and U.S. society.

CRJU 2165. Police Organization and Operation (3-0-3) A study of the history of law enforcement organizations, their duties and operational functions as an integral part of the criminal justice system.