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Columbus State University

MSSL Courses

MSSL 6117. Foundations in Servant Leadership (3-0-3) During this course, students will examine the foundations of leadership and servant leadership, examining historical and recent theories. Students will be asked to consider leadership from a variety of sources and perspectives. Assignments will include opportunities for students to reflect on the leadership they have experienced and the leadership they hope to provide and cultivate in others.

MSSL 6127. Contemporary Issues in Servant Leadership (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MSSL 6117. During this course students will engage in a directed study to identify and analyze contemporary issues in leadership in their specific organizations. Additionally, students will hear from leaders throughout our community and our region, discuss the contemporary issues they are facing in their organizations and how they are dealing with them.

MSSL 6137. Coaching (3-0-3) This course will allow students to become proficient in the use of coaching as a model for empowering others. The course will follow the principles set forth and develop key competencies for coaching and will also include a practical application where students engage in role playing and eventually a practicum experience.

MSSL 6147. Developing an Organizational Culture of Servant Leadership (3-0-3) Students enrolled in this course will study the process of defining an organizational culture within the context of servant leadership. Time will be spent learning how organizations set out to define their cultures and how they work to change their cultures. Once students have a background knowledge on organizational cultures, they will specifically begin to explore how an organization systematically works to use servant leadership as its fundamental core for building its organizational culture.

MSSL 6157. Organizational Ethics and Values (3-0-3) his course will be dedicated to developing a clear understanding of theories and concepts related to ethics, morals and values, as well as the application of ethical concepts in organizations through the use of case studies.