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Columbus State University

Master of Science
Organizational Leadership - Servant Leadership Track

Turner College of Business

Department of Management and Marketing

Program Description

Students in the MSOL program can specialize their education and select the Servant Leadership track that's both rare and tailored for those with a desire to practice Servant Leadership in their organizations. The Servant Leadership track will prepare professionals to meet the leadership needs of their organization, by drawing on the wealth of resources situated here in Columbus, GA, ranging from the expertise of leading Servant Leadership practitioners, numerous applicable case studies and opportunities for field experience. Columbus, GA, named the nation’s first “Servant Leadership City” by the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, has a wide-spread commitment to servant leadership from Columbus-based corporations, non-profits organizations and educational institutions.

Servant Leadership is a philosophy and practice of leadership that seeks to move management and employee interaction away from command and control models. Servant Leadership practitioners achieve results for their organization by giving priority attention to the needs and the development of those being led. Students will discuss current trends and issues related to Servant Leadership while learning to build a culture of Servant Leadership in various organizational environments.

The MSOL is a 36-hour program, requiring a student to complete 12 graduate courses. Full-time students can complete the program in four semesters. All MSOL classes are taught in the evening. The program can be adapted for students who wish to attend part-time and complete the program within 18-24 months.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Servant Leadership track pursue a wide variety of careers. Most people choose this field because they are committed to the principles of servant leadership and enjoy working on issues or problems that affect many sectors of the public. The degree prepares graduates for higher leadership and executive positions in private, public and non-profit organizations.

Admission Requirements

Beyond the general graduate program requirements, the MSOL degree program also has the following additional requirements:

  • A graduate application, available online or in paper, with application fee.
  • An official baccalaureate degree transcript from an accredited institution.
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) Scores; students may also submit Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores. Only scores within the past five years will be accepted.
    • GMAT school code: R64-XW-20
    • GRE school code: 5123
  • Two recommendation letters from professional sources such as current for former employers, faculty, and business associates are required. Please use the recommendation form (DOC)  provided.
  • A current resume

Learning Outcomes

1) Our graduate students will demonstrate knowledge of and ability to apply the theories and practice of leadership in a domestic and global business environment.
2) Our graduate students will demonstrate proficiency in written and oral communication, including interpersonal skills, negotiation skills and presentation skills.
3) Our graduate students will discuss strategic alternatives, environmental analysis and use both to select appropriate strategies.
Our graduate students will demonstrate knowledge of organizational behavior and leadership theories.

Servant Leadership Track
4) Our graduate students in the SL Track will articulate the concepts and current issues in servant leadership and be able to analyze organizations to build a culture which promotes strong ethical values and the principles of servant leadership.
5) Our graduate students in the SL Track will demonstrate proficiency in coaching and the use of effective coaching behavior.

Additional Program Requirements

This degree is subjected to the following requirements and conditions:

• Up to six hours of transfer credit may be accepted from an AACSB accredited institution.
• All students must complete the common core for the degree.
• A minimum B average in core courses, with no more than two C's, is required for degree completion.
• Students have a maximum of six years from the first term of enrollment to complete all MSOL degree requirements.