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Columbus State University

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BIOL 6215. Principles of Experimental Design and Applications in Biology (3-2-4) Experimental design discussions will vary by semester and expertise of the instructor. Lectures and laboratory experiences, when included will provide experiential, hands-on learning in the process of properly designing experiments and how different designs are applied in different research situations. Students will put into practice use of the scientific method; they will develop hypotheses, set up and collect preliminary data, analyze and report results, as well as discuss their results and draw conclusions. Laboratory and lecture hours may vary. Laboratory work may extend beyond the scheduled class hours. Course may be taught in a project-based format. (Course fee required.)

ENVS 6207. Ecological Methods (3-3-4) Applications of ecological principles to societal challenges such as population management, establishment, exploitation and assessment of ecosystems. Special emphasis is placed upon experimental design and methods employed for the analysis of the abundance and distribution of lying organisms and the structure and function of communities. (Course fee required.)