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Columbus State University

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MUSC 1100. Music Appreciation (3-0-3) The elements of music as revealed through study of Western art music, American vernacular music, and non-Western music. Consideration of the role of music and the musician in society, both past and present is covered. (Course fee required.)

MUSC 1213. Music Foundations (3-0-3) Prerequisite: departmental approval (by exam; contact the Schwob School of Music for details). This course provides intensive training in basic music theory, including clef reading, rhythmic notation, intervals, and major and minor key signatures and scales. Aural components include solfeggio and pitch matching, as well as rhythmic reading. This course may be required as a preliminary to beginning the music major sequence of MUSC 1214 and MUSC 1314. Non-majors may use this course as an elective. All students enrolled in this course must be able to read in at least one clef and understand basic rhythmic notation.

MUSC 2510. Fundamentals of Audio Technology (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MUSC 1213. An introduction to physical acoustics and physical properties of sound, wave mechanics, acoustic measurements, tuning, and temperament, perceptual properties of sound, microphone techniques, psychoacoustics, basic electricity, principles and practice of recording, and an overview of the recording studio.

MUSC 2511. Audio Technology 1 (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MUSC 2510 with a "C" or better. An introduction to the basics of digital recording technology. Topics include digital recording systems, microphone design, microphone placement, and basic mixing technique.