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Columbus State University

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COMM 3125. Modern Media and Culture (3-0-3) Prerequisites: COMM 2105, 2110, 2136 or 2137. This class will address the social responsibility of the media and its influence upon media consumers by examining media economics, media ethics, media effects of electronic and print media, and critical analysis of media's role in society.

COMM 3141. Introduction to Public Relations (3-0-3) Prerequisites: COMM 2105, 2110, 2136 or 2137. The theory, function and practice of effective explanation and presentation of the nature and activities of an individual or organization to diverse segments of the public, both in terms of its daily operation and in view of its overall objectives.

COMM 3146. Political Communication (3-0-3) Prerequisite or Corequisite: POLS 1101. Introduction to theory and practices of political communication, including the conduct of campaigns and providing public services. In addition, the student will participate in a political or voter registration campaign, or work in an elected official's office.

COMM 4105. Networked Communication (3-0-3) Prerequisite: COMM 2105 or COMM 2136. This course examines how communication networks function. Social, civic, organizational, and mediated networks, including the internet, will be considered.

COMM 4125. Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment (3-0-3) Prerequisites: COMM 2105, 2110, 2136 or 2137. Examines basic arguments and theories related to freedom and control of speech and expression in the United States, including landmark Supreme Court decisions interpreting the First Amendment. Critically explores major free speech issues in contemporary American soicety, such as campus free speech, hate speech, obscenity, privacy concerns, defamatory speech, destruction of American symbols, corporate silencing of speech, campaign finance reform, and government efforts to expand control over speech.

COMM 4142. Public Relations Campaigns (3-0-3) Prerequisites: COMM 3141 or MKTG 3115, and COMM 2105, 2110, 2136 or 2137. This course requires students to use original research to develop a comprehensive public relations campaign plan to meet the goals and objectives of a client's project, including the development of strategies, tactics and evaluation measures. (Course Fee Required)

COMM 4147. Advertising Campaigns (3-0-3) Prerequisites: COMM 2105, 2110, 2136 or 2137. This course is designed for students to apply their collective abilities and knowledge toward the development of a comprehensive advertising campaign for a client as designated by the American Advertising Federation through its National Student Advertising Campaign Competition.(Course Fee Required)

COMM 4165. Media Economics and Management (3-0-3) Prerequisites: COMM 2105, 2110, 2136 or 2137. The course is designed to identify and explain the basic concepts and principles of media economics in the United States. It will explore the models of ownership, management and revenue generation in a free market system as well as how these models impact media content, advertising, and audiences.