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Columbus State University

Course Details

CPSC 6125. Advanced Operating Systems (3-0-3) Issues in the design and functioning of operating systems. Emphasis on synchronization of concurrent activity in both centralized and distributed systems. Deadlock, scheduling, performance analysis, operation system design, and memory systems including distributed file systems.

CPSC 6127. Contemporary Issues in Database Management Systems (3-0-3) This course provides an overview of modern database management systems and issues relating to these systems. Topics include developing a logical model, deriving the physical design, creating data services, creating a physical database, and maintaining a database in a variety of environments.

CPSC 6129. Advanced Programming Languages (3-0-3) Prerequisite: Working knowledge of data structures and discrete mathematics or permission of instructor. A study of the principles, concepts, and mechanisms of computer programming languages-their syntax, semantics, and pragmatics; the processing and interpretation of computer programs; programming paradigms; and language design. Additional topics will include language design principles and models of language implementation.

CPSC 6155. Advanced Computer Architecture (3-0-3) Prerequisite: Working knowledge of data structures and discrete mathematics or permission of instructor. A comparative study of the architecture and organization of several types of computers currently in production. Issues in the design of the ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) and the control units used to implement them, including cost and performance trade-offs. Study of methods currently in use to improve CPU performance. Some attention will be paid to super-computers, parallel-execution engines, and other high-performance units.

CPSC 6157. Computer Network and Management (3-0-3) Besides exposing graduate students to current computer networks issues and techniques, this course is specifically designed to focus on the protocols, algorithms and tools needed to support the development and delivery of advanced network services over the Internet. This graduate-level course is also focused on understanding technical details in a number of areas of advanced networking through reading and discussion of important research papers in the field. The topics covered in this course include 1) network communication; 2) network security; 3) web organization; 4) mobile and multimedia networking; 5) quality of service; 6) network management; 7) compression; 8) network performance.