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Columbus State University

Professional Education Core options

EDAT 6159. Multicultural Studies Across the Curriculum (3-1-3) Prerequisite: Bachelors Degree and valid teaching certificate. This course is part of the on-line M.Ed. in Accomplished Teaching. Examines professional literature, curricula, and teaching practices related to cultural diversity in education settings. Critically examines how traditional education promotes or hinders student success; identifies elements of culturally responsive pedagogy and their application to curriculum development and learning. Includes a 10-hour field experience in which teachers explore the cultural resources of the communities in which they work. (Course fee required.)

EDAT 7100. Research Methodology in Education (0-0-3) GOML. Offered by Valdosta State University. A survey of education and educationally-related research methods incorporating an applied approach to research design. The ability to read, interpret, conduct and report research is emphasized to improve practice in educational settings.

EDAT 7133. Trends, Issues, and Research in Education (0-0-3) GOML. Offered by Georigia Southern University. Frameworks for designing and evaluating educational practices and programs within the context of current trends and issues in education. Emphasis is placed on specific research findings and their applications to practice, in addition to the development of analytical and communicative skills needed to improve teaching and learning.