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Columbus State University

MPA Core Options

MPAC 7106. Survey of Public Administration (3-0-3) Major concepts of public administration, including organizational structure, processes, behavior, relation to political system and policy, and ethics.

MPAC 7116. Public Personnel Administration (3-0-3) Personnel/human resources processes and policy, including selection, compensation, performance appraisal, employee rights, EEO and other legal requirements.

MPAC 7125. Policy Analysis (3-0-3) Explores the process of policy analysis including methods of policy analysis and the criteria for selecting an appropriate policy analysis technique. Students will learn how policy analysis is embedded in the social process of organizations and the historical development of such analysis. The course also addresses establishing criteria to use to choose among alternatives and the importance of communicating the results of policy analysis.

MPAC 7126. Public Budgeting and Financial Administration (3-0-3) Budget cycle (preparation, approval, implementation, audit) and revenue in the public sector.

MPAC 7136. Research Methods for Administration (3-0-3) Research methods, procedures, designs, and the application of findings for public administrators. The primary focus of the course will be survey research, and a survey research project will be required. This course is required for the thesis option.

MPAC 7156. Legal and Ethical Environment of Administration (3-0-3) Constitutional and statute law relevant to administrative actions; emphasis on due process.

MPAC 7766. Capstone Course in Public Administration (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MPAC 7106, MPAC 7116, MPAC 7126, MPAC 7136, MPAC 7146, MPAC 7156 with a grade of "C" or better. The purpose of this capstone course is to give MPA students the opportunity to synthesize, integrate and apply the knowledge they have acquired as well as prepare and complete the comprehensive exam. This class is taken in the last semester and requires program approval for registration.