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Columbus State University

Music Education options

MUSE 3211. Organ Pedagogy (2-1-2) Prerequisite: MUSC 1215. A comprehensive survey of historic and current organ method texts and a practical guide to the following essential elements of organ instruction: student motivation toward practicing; basics of early music fingerings and touches and emphasis on ornamentation; basics of modern technique and hymn playing; repertoire choices for teaching at each level of organ study. Observation of master lessons will be included. (Course fee required.)

MUSE 3212. Organ Pedagogy 2 (1-2-2) Prerequisite: MUSE 3211. An application of all information surveyed in MUSE 3211. Observation of master lessons and supervised video taped student teaching and weekly review of this instruction by the instructor and other members of the class will be included. (Course fee required.)