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Columbus State University

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CPSC 4121. Robotics Programming I ({3-3}-0-{3-3}) Prerequisites: CPSC 1302 with a grade of "C" or better. In this course the basic principles of Robotics programming will be introduced. Various types of robots will be programmed to accomplish a series of tasks. Topics include: Design and construction of robotic bases, Design and construction of attachments for specific tasks, Microcontroller architecture and programming, and Programming of robots to carry out assigned tasks.

ENGR 2206. Digital Logic (3-3-4) Digital logic is the foundation of digital computer systems. In the course of this class, students will learn the basics of digital logic, from gate-level design through systems that make up a computer. (Course fee required.)

ENGR 2217. Robotics Engineering Design (3-2-4) Prerequisites: ENGR 2206 or CPSC 2105 with a grade of "C" or better. Students will explore how robotic systems work beneath the skin. Building on principles from ENGR 2206, students will investigate the proper steps required to design and build a robot from start to finish. This course will further develop topics in systems engineering and design by focusing on the field of robotics. Students will gain hands-on experience by working with robotic systems in the laboratory and in the field. (Course fee required)

ENGR 2255. Engineering Graphics and Computer Aided Design (2-3-3) Theory and application of the design process, elements of projection theory, computer-aided design - 3-D modeling. (Course fee required.)