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Columbus State University

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CPSC 6126. Introduction to Cybersecurity ({3-3}-0-{3-3}) This course focuses on the protection of information systems against cyber threats whether data is in transit, at rest, or in processing. Topics include an overview of cyber threats, measures necessary to detect, assess, and counter such threats, network security basics, symmetric and public key encryption, basic cryptologic analysis, access control, authentication, malware, vulnerability assessment, digital forensics, security policies, privacy, and ethics. This course builds knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) of principles and practices in cybersecurity.

CSMT 6222. Foundation of Cybersecurity Policy and Management (3-0-3) This course provides students with an introduction to information security policies. Students will be introduced to sociological and psychological issues in policy implementation in general and then provided a focused dialogue on information security specific policies. The class discusses the entire lifecycle of policy creation and enactment and presents the students with issue specific policies in different domains of security. The structure of the policy is also discussed to assist the students design and modify policies. Several examples from different domains are incorporated in the curriculum to assist the students learn in context of real life situations.