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Columbus State University

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EDCI 6158. Trends and Issues in Middle Grades and Secondary Education ({2-3}-{0-12}-{2-3}) A survey of contemporary trends and issues affecting middle-grades and secondary curriculum and teaching. Consideration of school reform, technology, multi cultural/global perspectives, national standards, and inclusion.

EDCI 6255. Teacher Inquiry and Investigation ({2-3}-{2-12}-{3-3}) Prerequisites: EDUF 6116 and 18 graduate hours completed at CSU. An individualized action research oriented course related to inquiry into and investigation of the graduate student's effectiveness as a teacher in his or her content specialty. Presentation at the Teacher Education Graduate Symposium or at another approved professional meeting is required.

EDSE 6125. Teaching Mathematics in Secondary School (3-0-3) An advanced examination of teaching strategies, assessment techniques, curriculum, and resources for the purpose of developing expertise in providing sound mathematics instruction for secondary students.

EDSE 6526. Selected Topics in Secondary Mathematics (3-0-3) In-depth study of the curriculum and teaching of an area in mathematics from an advanced view. (Course fee required.)