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Columbus State University

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EDUF 7115. Psychology of Teaching (3-0-{3-6}) An advanced critical examination of research and theories relevant to effective teaching, including motivation, learning theories, at-risk students, classroom management, cooperative learning, self-esteem, social learning and others.

EDUF 7117. Quantitative Research Methods (3-0-{3-6}) Designed to advance participant's ability to gather, analyze, interpret, and utilize data for making decisions. Material will be presented to facilitate conceptual understanding of fundamental statistical methods used by educators, leaders, and counselors. Emphasis is on data collection and analysis to assess and monitor individual and program improvement.

EDUF 7118. Qualitative Research Methods (3-0-{3-6}) Qualitative research course is designed to build upon master's level educational research course. Advanced applications of qualitative assumptions, theories, and practices will be presented. Emphasis is on design, collection and analysis of qualitative data to assess and monitor professional practice.

EDCI 7119. Specialist Project Proposal ({1-3}-{0-12}-{1-9}) Prerequisite: EDUF 7117 and EDUF 7118 with grades of C or better. This course is designed to guide candidates in developing a proposal for the capstone specialist project. (S/U grading)

EDCI 7359. Specialist Project ({0-3}-{0-12}-{1-2}) Prerequisite: EDUF 7119 with a grade of S. A capstone course through which candidates demonstrate their knowledge, problem-solving, and leadership skills. (S/U grading.) (Course fee required.)