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Columbus State University

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MUSA 1215. Secondary Applied Music (1/2-1-1) Requires departmental approval. Instruction on individual instruments. May be repeated for credit. (Course fee required.)

MUSC 3116. Music since 1945 (2-1-2) Prerequisite: MUSC 2202 with a minimum grade of C. In this course, students investigate standard works of the late Modern and Post-Modern periods through close analytical study, as well as composition projects employing their structure and methodology. Throughout the course students learn numerous techniques of analysis, each appropriate to the variegated innovations of the epoch.

MUSC 4101. Composition 1 (2-0-2) Prerequisite: MUSC 2202. Techniques of composition. Simple exercises and short compositions.

MUSA 3305. Half Recital (0-2-0) Corequisite: MUSA 4211 or 4311 or 4221 or 4321 or 4231 or 4331. Students will perform a 30 minute public recital. (S/U grading) (Course fee required.)