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MUSA 1216. Secondary Applied Voice (1/2-1-1) Requires departmental approval. Instruction in applied voice. May be repeated for credit. (Course Fee Required)

MUSA 1411. Applied Voice- Musical Theatre (1-2-1) Requires departmental approval. Individual instruction in applied voice in the musical theatre style. (Course Fee Required)

MUSC 1006. Musical Theatre Convocation (0-1-0) Prerequisite: departmental approval required. A laboratory experience to include student recitals, guest performances, master classes, lectures, and meetings for students enrolled in the Certificate for Musical Theatre Performance. May be repeated eight times for credit. .

MUSC 1213. Music Foundations (3-0-3) This course provides intensive training in basic music theory, including clef reading, rhythmic notation, intervals, and major and minor key signatures and scales. Aural components include solfeggio and pitch matching, as well as rhythmic reading. This course may be required as a preliminary to beginning the music major sequence of MUSC 1214 and MUSC 1314. Non-majors may use this course as an elective or part of the music minor. All students enrolled in this course must be able to read in at least one clef and understand basic rhythmic notation.

MUSC 1214. Music Theory 1 (2-1-2) Review of the fundamentals of pitch and rhythm, followed by study of Western harmony, including part-writing, modified species counterpoint and Roman numeral analysis. Pre-req: music major status or department permission. All students enrolled in the course must take a music reading examination to be completed no later than the first class meeting.

MUSA 1306. Class Piano for Non-Music Majors (0-1-1) An introductory piano class designed for students who have little or no prior knowledge of piano playing. Rudiments of music theory including music reading, rhythmic notation, and harmony will be introduced through a hands on approach at the piano. Students will learn to play a variety of music including popular songs, folk tunes, and classical pieces.

MUSA 2313. Keyboard Class 1 (0-2-1) Corequisite: MUSC 1315. Keyboard application of principles of music theory, harmonization, improvisation, sight-reading, use of the keyboard as a rehearsal tool and in the classroom. Two 50-minute classes weekly. (Course Fee Required)

MUSC 3236. History of American Musical Theatre (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MUSC 1100 with a minimum grade of C. An historical overview of American Musical Theatre including origins up to trends in the modern day industry.

THEA 5179. Musical Theatre History (3-{0-6}-{3-3}) Must be a Theatre Major or have permission of the instructor. An historical overview of Musical Theatre History composers, directors, and choreographers.

MUSP 3305. Musical Theatre Performance (0-2-1) Prerequisite: departmental approval required. Participation in a musical theatre production. May be taken four times for credit.

THEA 1245. Introduction to Acting & Directing (2-2-3) Prerequisite: Theatre Major or THEA 1315 with a grade of C or better. Fundamentals of acting and directing techniques taught through exercises and beginning scene work. (Course Fee Required)

THEA 3245. Acting 2 (2-{2-6}-{3-3}) Prerequisite: THEA 1245 with a grade of "C" or better and THEA 2000 with a grade of "S". Advanced acting techniques, including character and scene study and practical experience in developing a role. (Course fee required.)