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Columbus State University

Online Teaching and Learning

ONTL 6205. Foundations of Online Teaching and Learning (3-2-3) Prerequisite: Admission to the program or permission of the instructor. This course provides foundational knowledge and hands-on practices in developing fully online and blended courses using a learning management system. The different models, theories, and technologies used in the development and delivery of fully online learning will be examined. Participants will understand elements of an online course customized for use in their instructional setting including defining course goals and objectives, instructional lesson plans, activities, materials, and assessments. Students will complete an online field experience in a virtual school environment.

ONTL 6206. Effective Online Instructional Practices (3-2-3) Prerequisite: ONTL 6205. This course will explore the theories, models, approaches, technologies, and methods of online teaching. Participants will develop and create an online course for use in their own area of expertise. Best pedagogical practices for teaching online will be examined. Other topics will include the characteristics, and needs of online learners, motivating student-student interaction, and managing online interaction. Students will complete an online field experience in a virtual school environment.

ONTL 6207. Integrating Mobile Technologies into Learning Environments (3-0-3) This course provides knowledge and hands-on practices in integrating existing and emerging technologies, such as, iPads, tablets, iPods, smart phones, Netbooks, Chromebooks and e-readers, digital textbooks, iBooks, Audioboo, QR Codes, Naiku, Socrative, Google Goggles, Blogger, Twitter, TED talks, and various applications into learning environments (online and blended courses and flipped classrooms). Participants will also explore potential challenges and solutions to issues that may arise in using mobile technology in learning environments.

ONTL 6499. Implementation and Assessment of Online Teaching and Learning (0-0-3) Prerequisite: ONTL 6205 and ONTL 6206. This course serves as a culminating activity for the Online Teaching Endorsement and certificate in Online Teaching. Application of online pedagogy and technology will be evaluated through observation, discussion and reflections. Participants will complete a field experience for the purpose of observing, managing and teaching in fully online or blended environments.