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Columbus State University

Doctor of Education
Curriculum and Leadership - Curriculum Track

College of Education and Health Professions

Department of Counseling, Foundations, and Leadership

Program Description

With the present climate of accountability, there is a substantial demand for educators who have a high level of expertise in school improvement, professional learning, and educational research.  Educators who work with various student populations should be able to identify current needs, examine or explore those needs, and implement practices and/or policies based on empirical literature to improve those needs.  The College of Education and Health Professions at Columbus State University is committed to developing this level of expertise through the Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Leadership Program.  The EdD Program offers three specialization program tracks: (1) Curriculum, (2) Educational Leadership, and (3) Higher Education Administration.

The Curriculum program track follows a cohort model implemented through a blended format of online and face-to-face instruction at Frank Brown Hall in Uptown Columbus, Georgia.  Courses in the 63-credit hour, doctoral program are intended for classroom educators, school administrators, district personnel, and other individuals seeking professional expertise in curriculum and instruction.  Upon program completion in the Curriculum specialization program track, EdD students may add Curriculum and Instruction certification (i.e., S-7) to their Georgia teaching certificate after passing the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators in Curriculum and Instruction. 

Additional program information can be found on the CSU Department of Counseling, Foundations, and Leadership website.

Career Opportunities

Careers, such as teacher leaders, curriculum specialists, and curriculum leaders in schools or districts, are available to individuals who earn a Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Leadership with a specialization in curriculum.

Admission Requirements

Admissions decisions are based on a holistic combination of criteria, including the interview, writing assessment, recommendations, professional experiences, academic transcripts, and GRE scores. 

  • Applicant must hold at least a master’s degree from an accredited United States institution, or the equivalent from an international institution.

  • Good academic standing at previous institution(s).

  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 on all graduate course work at an accredited United States institution in fulfillment of the requirement for a graduate degree and post-baccalaureate coursework.

  • Official Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores within the last 5 years.  Preferred minimum scores include a combined total of 297 for the general portion (Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning) and 3.5 for the Analytical Writing component.

  • Four (4) years of experience in a school setting or in a leadership role in the private sector.

  • Background check to verify no criminal record or discharge from the armed services that would prevent recommendation for related teacher, counseling, or leadership certifications.

  • Successful completion of interview and timed writing assessment.

  • For international students, additional criteria may be required.  See International Graduate Admissions for more details.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will:

  • Demonstrate advanced ability to design, implement, and evaluate curriculum that promotes student learning.
  • Demonstrate advanced ability to plan, implement, and evaluate instruction to facilitate student learning.
  • Demonstrate advanced depth and breadth of knowledge and skills in their academic discipline and pedagogy.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the student as influenced by cognitive, physical, emotional, social, cultural, environmental, and economic factors.
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct research that contributes to the education profession.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of assessment and the ability to use multiple sources of assessment for maximizing student learning.
  • Demonstrate high standards for professional practice.

Additional Program Requirements

Additional Program Requirements

  • Completion of all required EdD coursework (i.e., minimum of 63 semester hours and a minimum of 51 semester hours in residence) with a 3.25 GPA and no more than one grade of C applying toward the degree (i.e., good academic standing).
  • Appointment of an approved EdD dissertation committee.
  • Approval of the Dissertation Prospectus by the EdD Dissertation Committee.
  • Approval of the Dissertation Proposal by the EdD Dissertation Committee.
  • Met all program requirements (i.e., successful defense of final dissertation and approval of final dissertation publication by the EdD Dissertation Committee, Director of Doctoral Program in Education, Director of COEHP Office of Graduate Studies, Dean of COEHP, and CSU Library).
  • Maintained continuous enrollment in EDUF 8999 (The Dissertation) until completion of the EdD dissertation.