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ARTE 4698. Service Learning Internship (0-2-1) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. Hands-on teaching experience in an approved educational setting. Supervision will be provided by a faculty member and a representative from the cooperating agency. May be repeated for credit. (S/U grading) (Course fee required.)

EDCI 6485. Student Teaching (0-40-10) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. An intensified learning experience consisting of observation, participation, and instruction in a school classroom in the student's major field. Cooperative supervision by selected classroom teachers and college faculty. (Course fee required.) (S/U grading)

EDCI 6698. Teaching Internship (0-0-1) Prerequisite: Approval of Department Chair. An internship for working teachers establishing credit for initial certification in Georgia. Outcomes-based assessment and portfolio development. May be repeated for a total of 24 hours credit. (Course fee required.)

EDUF 6125. Classroom Management (2-0-2) Prerequisites: Admission to Teacher Education. Concepts, principles, theories, and strategies for best practice classroom management. Focus is on creating and maintaining positive and productive school climates and classroom success. Home-school partnerships and collaborative implementation of classroom discipline are emphasized.

EDUT 6105. Technology Infusion. (2-2-3) This course models strategies for infusing technology in the classroom curriculum.