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ARTH 3127. Modernist Art (3-0-3) This course is a general survey of the art historical movements that introduced and established Modernism as the dominating spirit of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Consideration will be given within the context of the political and social events of the time, but it will also take into consideration the literature, music, theater and popular arts of the period. (Course fee required.)

ARTH 3128. Post-Modern and Contemporary Art (3-0-3) This course is a survey of art historical movements evolved since the apex of the Modern movement in the mid-1960's. Consideration will be given to the art of the last fifty years, within the context of the political and social events of the time, but it will also take into consideration the literature, music, theater, and popular arts. The rise of new media and techniques will be considered as part of an ever expanding definition of the visual arts. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 2020. Digital Arts & Design: Digital Concepts (0-6-3) Prerequisites: ARTS 1020 and 1030. This course will offer an overview of using digital tools to express basic themes of contemporary art. The course will be comprised of studio projects accompanied by class discussions, historical introductions and critiques. Some materials covered in the class will be a continuation of knowledge acquired in 2-D and 3-D design, but most techniques and ideas will be new forms of thinking and visual expression. This course will look at the role of digital technology throughout contemporary art practice. In this project-based course students will learn established workflows as well as strategies to foster a long-term knowledgebase of contemporary tools. (Course Fee required.)

ARTS 2248. Ceramics 1 (0-6-3) Prerequisite: ARTS 1030 This course will be an introductory course for students without any prior experience in ceramics. Through assignments, demonstrations, presentations, lectures, critiques & discussions, students will be introduced to the basic forming & glazing techniques in the field of ceramics. Students will also explore historical and contemporary approaches & methods in relation to the medium. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 3000. Pre-Exhibit Review (0-0-0) Prerequisite: ARTS 2000 or Permission of the instructor. Satisfactory grade in this course indicates completion of a pre-exhibit review for the BFA degree in Art or the BSEd Degree in Art Education. (S/U grading)

ARTS 3256. Painting 1 (0-6-3) Prerequisites: ARTS 2010 or ARTS 2011. A basic studio introduction to the materials and methods of painting. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 3265. Photography 1 (0-6-3) Prerequisite: ARTS 1020 with a grade of "C" or better or permission of instructor. Introductory photographic theory, techniques and processes and their application. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 3278. Printmaking: Traditional Media (0-6-3) Prerequisite: ARTS 1010. This course introduces the methodologies and concepts of traditional printmaking processes. These processes include basic technical processes of image making in lithography, intaglio, relief, and monotype. It exposes students to an overview of the tools, methods and materials for making printed artworks with particular focus on how manual printing and traditional techniques relate to contemporary concepts and individual art practice. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 4278. Printmaking: Contemporary Approaches & Hybrid Prints (0-6-3) Prerequisites: ARTS2000. This class explores a contemporary approach to print based image making through working with a range of quickly translated, multi-process, and experimental printmaking techniques. These processes include image transfers, pressure prints, monoprints, screenprint, and relief. It exposes students to an overview of the tools, methods and materials for making prints with particular focus on how collaboration and hybrid applications expand technical and conceptual possibilities. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 3288. Techniques of Sculpture (0-6-3) Prerequisite: ARTS 1030. This course will explore a variety of materials and techniques concerning form in space. We will also further research the evolution of three-dimensional forms and the content or meaning of sculpture. There will be an investigation of materials such as metal, wood, plaster, and many other nontraditional materials. Through rigorous critiques, students investigate their artistic intentions and how these are executed through the work to create meaning. The objective of this course is to guide students toward a thorough understanding and articulation of their work within larger cultural, theoretical, and historical contexts. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 3305. Art Seminar: Contemporary Theory & Practice (0-6-3) Prerequisite:ARTS 2705. This interdisciplinary seminar course, examines the theoretical and philosophical implications of contemporary art and design by examining questions of production, value, ideology, semiotics, and postmodernism through readings, discussions, written assignments, and presentations. Students will acquire the skills needed write a competitive graduate school application, pursue a research project that contextualize their artwork, and will gain knowledge of arts related resources and programming throughout the region. (Course Fee Required.)

ARTS 4795. Professional Practice (3-0-3) Prerequisite: ARTS 3000. An introduction to methods and issues of professional presentation including written and visual documentation. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 4796. Art Seminar: Thesis Exhibition (3-0-3) Prerequisites: ARTS 3000 and ARTS3305 This interdisciplinary capstone course will focus on presenting artwork for exhibition, exhibition design, installing artwork, and the completion of artistic research. Students in this course will be provided studio space to develop a self-directed creative project to be exhibited at the end of the semester. Additionally, students will gain professional public presentation skills by presenting their artistic research through completion of an oral presentation and written thesis. (Course Fee Required.)