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ARTH 3136. The Art of Film (3-0-3) This course will approach the medium of film as art by examining the basic components and techniques of film: film form, narrative construction, mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing and sound. Differing approaches to the history of film style will also be discussed.

COMM 3141. Introduction to Public Relations (3-0-3) Prerequisites: COMM 2105, 2110, 2136 or 2137. The theory, function and practice of effective explanation and presentation of the nature and activities of an individual or organization to diverse segments of the public, both in terms of its daily operation and in view of its overall objectives.

COMM 3146. Political Communication (3-0-3) Prerequisite or Corequisite: POLS 1101. Introduction to theory and practices of political communication, including the conduct of campaigns and providing public services. In addition, the student will participate in a political or voter registration campaign, or work in an elected official's office.

COMM 4125. Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment (3-0-3) Prerequisites: COMM 2105, 2110, 2136 or 2137. Examines basic arguments and theories related to freedom and control of speech and expression in the United States, including landmark Supreme Court decisions interpreting the First Amendment. Critically explores major free speech issues in contemporary American soicety, such as campus free speech, hate speech, obscenity, privacy concerns, defamatory speech, destruction of American symbols, corporate silencing of speech, campaign finance reform, and government efforts to expand control over speech.

ENGL 3109. Introduction to Screenwriting (3-0-3) Prerequisite: ENGL 1102 with a minimum grade of C. A workshop requiring the production and in-class critique of students' original writing for the screen. Selected readings and screenings will facilitate an understanding of film structure, film story analysis, and image-driven storytelling. Writing exercises may include story treatments, beat sheets, character development, silent short-short screenplays, short genre-based screenplays, and season outlines for an original webseries. Students will receive insights into the pitching process, collaborating with a production team, and moving into the film festival circuit.

ENGL 3130. Film Genres and Themes (3-0-3) Prerequisite: ENGL 1102 with a grade of "C" or better. Analysis of a genre or theme in film (film noir, comedy, silent, etc.), emphasizing formal, technical, social, and cultural interpretations. Topics will vary from term to term. The course may be repeated once for credit if the topic is different.

HIST 3125. Historical Methods (3-0-3) Prerequisite: Any 1000 or 2000 level HIST course. An introduction to research techniques and concepts used in the writing of history. Representative historians and their works will be studied. It is recommended that history majors complete this course during their sophomore year. (Course fee required.)