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ARTS 1010. Art Foundation: Explorations of Drawing (0-6-3) This cross-disciplinary studio foundation course explores the visual language of drawing. Through observational investigations, students will discover the mechanisms of visual perception and how individual components of a design relate to the organization of a composition. Drawing will be examined as a process, technical skill, and method for communicating visual ideas connected to a contemporary practice in the visual arts. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 1020. Art Foundation: 2D and Digital (0-6-3) This cross-disciplinary studio course explores design elements and principles as the basic means of organizing two-dimensional space. Each student develops the ability to form strategies, concepts and ideas to enhance and articulate creative expression through the use of analog processes, digital media, and imaging software. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 1030. Art Foundation: 3D and Site (0-6-3) This cross-disciplinary studio foundation course investigates three-dimensional design. Students will explore various fundamental principles of the physical, spatial and temporal phenomena in visual art and design. Special emphasis will be given to the creative process and problem solving. (Course fee required.)