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ARTS 3256. Painting 1 (0-6-3) Prerequisites: ARTS 1011 and ARTS 1020. A basic studio introduction to the materials and methods of painting. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 3265. Photography 1 (0-6-3) Prerequisite: ARTS 1020 with a grade of "C" or better or permission of instructor. Introductory photographic theory, techniques and processes and their application. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 3288. Sculpture 1 (0-6-3) Prerequisite: ARTS 1030. Introductory studio experience in principal sculptural methods. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 3278. Printmaking: relief & intaglio (0-6-3) Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Introduction to the art (theory and practice) of making multiple original prints. Studio work surveys the printing processes, characteristics, materials, and developmental approaches used by the artist in making relief and intaglio prints. The development of individual approaches to image making will be emphasized. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 4278. Printmaking: lithography & screen-printing (0-6-3) Prerequisites: Junior standing. A study of printmaking processes with emphasis on the role of the print in contemporary art. The course investigates the principles and characteristics of stone lithography and screen-printing while developing an individual style. Studio precision develops an understanding of drawing tools, processing techniques, and printing procedures of both processes. (Course fee required.)