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COUN 6115. Ethics and Professional Issues in Counseling (3-0-3) Provides an overview of the breadth and multi-disciplinary nature of counseling as a profession, with a focus on professional ethics, and is designed to acquaint graduate students with organizations, education settings, theories, methods, and services delivery in counseling.

COUN 6225. Counseling Skills 1 (2-2-3) An introduction to basic counseling skills, (listening, responding, and problem solving) through role play and application. (Course fee required.)

COUN 6110. Research Methods and Design in Counseling (2-2-3) Intended to assist students in planning and conceptualizing their own research and in interpreting and using the research of others, conceptualize research problems, identify sources of data, assess treatment or intervention integrity, and measure constructs. Traditional content and electronic resources of counseling research are emphasized. Ethical and diversity issues (protection of human subjects, cultural and language issues) will be examined.

EDUF 6116. Educational Research Methods (3-0-3) Introduction to qualitative and quantitative research methods and statistical procedures. Emphasis on systematic teacher inquiry and data-driven decision making to improve student achievement.