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EDCI 6158. Trends and Issues in Middle Grades and Secondary Education (2-0-2) A survey of contemporary trends and issues affecting middle-grades and secondary curriculum and teaching. Consideration of school reform, technology, multi cultural/global perspectives, national standards, and inclusion.

EDCI 6159. Integrating Multicultural/Global Studies Throughout the Curriculum (3-0-3) An examination and study of literature, curricula, and psychological issues that recognize and appreciate ethnic differences within an education setting.

EDMG 6155. Psychology of the Early Adolescent Learner (3-0-3) A focused study of early adolescent development with an emphasis on instructional models that enhance achievement during the middle grades years.

EDSE 6115. Trends in Adolescent Literature (3-0-3) Advanced study of young adult literature with emphasis on research, recent publications, and prominent writers. Multicultural/global perspectives and technological emphasis.

EDUF 6115. Educational Psychology: Achievement for Diverse Learners (3-0-3) The interrelationship between motivation, learning and teaching, including critical thinking skills, with emphasis on application to the needs of diverse learners.

EDUT 6206. Introduction to Instructional Technology (2-2-3) An introductory course in the field of instructional technology and the various roles of technologists, issues relating to computing and technology and the future roles of technology in the society.