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EDCI 6227. Foundations of Education - Human Development, Motivation, and Learning (2-0-2) Prerequisite: College Baccalaureate degree in an area certifiable by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, or in a related field. This course is part of the Master of Arts in Teaching programs. The interrelationships between human development, teaching and learning, including stage theories of development and age characteristics of learners, understanding cultural diversity and socioeconomic differences, motivation and classroom management.

EDUF 6116. Educational Research Methods (3-0-3) Introduction to qualitative and quantitative research methods and statistical procedures. Emphasis on systematic teacher inquiry and data-driven decision making to improve student achievement.

PHED 5485. Student Teaching in Health and Physical Education (0-40-10) Prerequisite: PHED 3217, PHED 4215 or PHED 6216, PHED 5216 and Admission to Teacher Education. Corequisites: PHED 4000. Observation and instruction in health and physical education. Cooperative supervision by selected P-12 teachers and college faculty. (S/U grading) (Course Fee Required)