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EDCI 6482. Clinical Experience II ({0-3}-{6-12}-{3-3}) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. Provides the teacher candidate an opportunity to apply learning to real classroom situations in grades 6-12. Includes experiences in planning, instructing, evaluating, and performing other teaching-related duties. (Course fee required.)

EDUF 6111. Assessment in Education (1-0-{1-6}) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. This course focuses on developing appropriate assessments to evaluate classroom instruction and using assessment data to improve teaching and learning in the P-12 classroom.

SPED 6112. Teaching Exceptional Learners (2-0-2) Prerequisite: SPED 6111 and admission to Teacher Education. Information and techniques for designing appropriate instructional strategies for learners with disabilities, gifts, and talents.