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EDEC 3255. Creative Activities for Young Children (2-2-3) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. Corequisite: EDEC 4105. An examination of the creative process as applied to the education and development of young children, their families, and their environment. (Course fee required.)

EDEC 4105. Technology for the Twenty-First Century Classroom (2-0-2) This course integrates technology and curriculum through the use of web-based tools and pedagogy that prepare teachers for twenty-first century classrooms.

EDEC 4155. Cognitive and Language Development in Early Childhood (3-0-3) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. An examination of the development of cognition and language with emphasis on neuroanatomical structures and behaviors, constructivist theory, and related topics including nutrition and safety.

EDRG 3215. Teaching Children to Read (2-2-3) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. Provides students with a fundamental framework in teaching reading - topics include terminology, theories, emergent literacy, phonemic awareness, word recognition, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies and skills. Action based research project in partnership with Muscogee County School District. Course is based on Evidence Based Reading Research. (Course fee required.)

MAED 5131. Algebra & Proportionality (3-0-3) A deep examination of algebra topics that are relevant for elementary school teaching. Number theory, functions, and mathematical modeling using technology. Problem solving involving ratio and proportion. Students may only attempt the course three times. Undergraduate Prerequisite: MATH 2008 with a grade of "C" or better and Admission to Teacher Education. Graduate Prerequisite: MAED 6130 with a grade of "C" or better.

KINS 3218. Developing Movement Skills in Early Childhood (2-2-3) Prerequisite: Early Childhood Education Major; admission to Teacher Education. Content and methods for developing movement skills in preschool through grade five; field experience in P-5 setting.