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EDEC 6155. Early Childhood in a Contemporary Society (3-0-3) Identification, study and discussion of current issues impacting early childhood education. Use of technology to examine, inform, and communicate.

EDEC 6156. Theories, Concepts, and Applications of Child Development (3-0-3) An advanced study of theories and concepts of child development from conception through age 10, including the application of theories and concepts to teaching and learning, implications of developmental issues, and a focus on the role of the teacher in fostering the development of the whole child.

EDEC 6166. Assessment Methodologies, Instruments, and Procedures in Early Childhood (3-0-3) Advanced study of methodologies, instruments, and procedures in assessing young children, their environments, and their programs.

EDCI 6228. Foundations of Education - Special Education ({3-3}-{0-12}-{3-3}) Prerequisite: College Baccalaureate degree in an area certifiable by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, or in a related field. This course is part of the Master of Arts in Teaching programs. Emphasis is placed on meeting the needs of learners with exceptionalities in general education programs. Required adaptations and modifications and available resources and services for these learners are stressed. Following a general overview, students will be provided with information on basic characteristics of learners with exceptionalities as well as effective practices for planning, implementing, and/or assessing instruction.