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EDMG 2257. Instructional Strategies in Middle Grades (2-2-3) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education; An introduction course focused on developmentally appropriate instructional practices and curriculum for middle grades students. Discussions include the historical, philosophical, and sociological factors which impact the development of middle level education. Field experience required as a course component. (Course fee required.)

EDMG 3115. Teaching Literacy Across the Content Areas (2-1-2) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education; This course outlines models, theories, processes of reading and writing instruction, and techniques for evaluation. Integrated reading, writing, thinking, speaking, and listening across curricular areas in middle grades are emphasized.

EDMG 3225. Adolescent Development for Educators (3-0-3) Students will examine issues such as gender, cultural influences, nature vs. nurture, sexuality, and other major life events. Students will also explore how these affect a person's psychological development and factor into the overall lifespan development. Focus on adolescent development is emphasized.

EDUF 4205. Technology for the 21st Century Classroom (1-2-2) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. Co-requisite: concurrent enrollment in an approved course with field placement in a p-12 classroom. This course immerses teacher candidates in a technology-rich learning environment designed to build teacher skills in the following areas: use of modern technology, integration of Georgia Performance Standards, new designs for teaching and learning, classroom management and enhanced pedagogical practice. (S/U grading) (Course fee required.)

SPED 2256. Introduction to the Exceptional Learner in General Education (3-1-3) For prospective and practicing teachers. Emphasis is placed on meeting the needs of learner with disabilities in general education programs. Required adaptations and modifications, and available resources and services for these learners are stressed. 30 hours field experience required. (Course fee required.)

THEA 3107. Creative Dramatics in the Classroom (3-{0-6}-{3-3}) Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or above. Exploration of theories and techniques of improvised and informal drama and their practical application as a teaching tool for all age levels. Lectures, student projects and practical class experience.