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EDUF 6111. Assessment in Education (1-0-{1-6}) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. This course focuses on developing appropriate assessments to evaluate classroom instruction and using assessment data to improve teaching and learning in the P-12 classroom.

EDUF 6125. Classroom Management (2-0-{2-6}) Prerequisites: Admission to Teacher Education. Concepts, principles, theories, and strategies for best practice classroom management. Focus is on creating and maintaining positive and productive school climates and classroom success. Home-school partnerships and collaborative implementation of classroom discipline are emphasized.

EDMS 6216. Teaching Practicum (0-6-3) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. Corequisite: EDMT 6215 Methods in Teaching Secondary Mathematics or EDSC 6215 Methods in Teaching Secondary Science. This course is part of the on-line MAT in Math & Sciences. Provides the teacher candidate an opportunity to apply learning to real classroom situations. Includes experiences in planning, instructing, evaluating, and performing other teaching-related duties. Helps to prepare the teacher candidate for student teaching and to identify areas of strength and areas in which additional work is needed. (Course fee required.)

EDMS 6474. Technology as a Teaching and Learning Tool (2-0-2) Students will develop knowledge of secondary mathematics and science topics and how to support understanding with technology. Standards based instructional methods and design will be used to model secondary curriculum related to math and science. Technology training that helps students and teachers make connections.

EDMT 6215. Methods in Teaching Secondary Mathematics (3-0-3) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. Corequisite: EDMS 6216 Teaching Practicum. This course is part of the on-line MAT in Math & Sciences. An examination of secondary mathematics curriculum, teaching strategies, assessment techniques, and resources. Emphasis on methods of teaching that promote conceptual understanding of mathematics. (Course fee required.)

EDSC 6215. Methods of Teaching Secondary Science (3-0-3) Corequisite: EDMS 6216. This course provides learning experiences in instructional strategies, models and methods that facilitate learning science at the secondary level. Instruction based on standards and research will be the focus of the course. Concepts and themes addressed include: understanding science inquiry, planning for instruction in science, assessment practices, diversity and special needs in the science classroom, and technology applications. (Course fee required.)

EDUT 5125. Methods in Teaching Computer Science (3-0-3) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education and 18 hours of Computer Science coursework. Corequisite: EDUT 5455U. Teaching methods, models, and experiences for teaching computer science in secondary schools. Topics discussed include teaching methods, learning, security and maintenance of equipment, professional journals, ethics, legal issues, diversity, and problem solving.