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ENVS 6235. Geographic Information and Global Positioning Systems (3-3-4) Utilization of GIS and GPS to portray existing spatial datasets, create new datasets and analyze datasets with emphasis on environmental applications, especially the analysis of change in environmental conditions on a landscape scale. Projects will require lab time beyond that scheduled. (Course fee required.)

GEOL 5165. Hydrology (3-0-3) Prerequisites: CHEM 1211, CHEM 1211L, and MATH 1131. Study of hydrological systems on and beneath the earth's surface. Topics include: precipitation and evaporation, runoff and stream flow, groundwater infiltration, flownets and flow direction analysis of groundwater, properties of aquifers, regional groundwater flow patterns, and water pollution.

GEOL 5255. Environmental Geology (3-2-4) Prerequisite: GEOL 1121. Examination of human interaction with the geologic environment. Geologic hazards such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, and volcanic eruptions will be considered, as well as resources and waste management, and human impacts on the physical environment. (Course fee required.)

GEOL 6205. Current Research in the Geosciences (3-2-4) An exploration of research opportunities available through the graduate program. Topics will be presented by geoscience faculty over the course of the semester. Course is restricted to students in MS Natural Sciences - Geosciences track.

GEOL 6705. Graduate Seminar (2-0-2) Current research topic in the geological sciences at the instructor’s discretion. Course may be repeated for credit if topics differ. S/U grading.