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EXSC 3235. Basic Principles of Athletic Training (2-2-3) Introduction to the role of athletic trainers in sport, professional relationships with other disciplines, principles of sport fitness, administration of the athletic training programs, and prevention, recognition, understanding, and management of athletic injuries.

EXSC 4146. Measurement and Evaluation in Kinesiology (3-0-3) Course will examine principles of testing, measurement, and evaluation. Emphasis on reliability and validity theory, basic statistical concepts, and applications to kinesiology and human performance.

PHED 2345. Emergency Care and First Aid (0-2-1) Knowledge and skills necessary to respond to common medical emergencies and to identify preventive measures.

PHED 3165. Principles of Sport Coaching (2-0-2) An in-depth study of the functions, theory, and techniques of coaching sports. The rules for coaching various sports, coaching standards, and officiating will be presented.

PHED 4415. Coaching Practicum (0-4-2) Supervised experiences in approved coaching settings. A minimum of 60 lab hours to be required with related seminars and group planning sessions. S/U grading. (Course fee required.)

PHED 5116. Physical Education and Athletic Administration (3-0-3) Organization and administration of physical education, athletics and related programs. (Course fee required.)

PHED 4698. Internship (0-0-6) Prerequisites: Senior standing and prior departmental approval. Supervised field experiences in approved agencies. Students will work in a professional setting to expand experience, knowledge, and skills in the field of health and physical education. (S/U grading.)