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ITDS 1156. Understanding Non-Western Cultures (3-0-3) An examination of non-western systems of thought to increase understanding of cultural diversity and the process of cultural traditions. (Course fee required.)

MUSA 1215. Secondary Applied Music (1/2-1-1) Requires departmental approval. Instruction on individual instruments. May be repeated for credit. (Course fee required.)

MUSA 1216. Secondary Applied Voice (1/2-1-1) Requires departmental approval. Instruction in applied voice. May be repeated for credit. (Course Fee Required)

MUSA 1305. Class Voice (0-2-1) Group instruction in the study of voice. This includes vocal technique, text study and the fundamentals of musicianship in preparation for vocal performance. May be repeated for credit.

MUSA 1306. Class Piano for Non-Music Majors (0-1-1) An introductory piano class designed for students who have little or no prior knowledge of piano playing. Rudiments of music theory including music reading, rhythmic notation, and harmony will be introduced through a hands on approach at the piano. Students will learn to play a variety of music including popular songs, folk tunes, and classical pieces.

MUSA 1307. Class Guitar for Non-Music Majors (0-2-1) Beginning instruction on guitar in a group setting for non-music majors.

MUSA 1411. Applied Voice- Musical Theatre (1-2-1) Requires departmental approval. Individual instruction in applied voice in the musical theatre style. (Course Fee Required)

MUSC 1214. Music Theory 1 (2-1-2) Review of the fundamentals of pitch and rhythm, followed by study of Western harmony, including part-writing, modified species counterpoint and Roman numeral analysis. Pre-req: music major status or department permission. All students enrolled in the course must take a music reading examination to be completed no later than the first class meeting.

MUSC 1215. Music Theory 2 (2-1-2) Prerequisites: MUSC 1214 and MUSC 1314 with a grade of C or better. Principles of four-voice composition in common-practice style. Includes all diatonic chords, and seventh chords, and their inversions.

MUSC 2510. Fundamentals of Audio Technology (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MUSC 1213. An introduction to physical acoustics and physical properties of sound, wave mechanics, acoustic measurements, tuning, and temperament, perceptual properties of sound, microphone techniques, psychoacoustics, basic electricity, principles and practice of recording, and an overview of the recording studio.