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MISM 3115. Principles of Information Technology Management (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Completion of the lower division business core (Areas A and F) with a grade of "C" or better in each course. This course provides an overview of the strategic role of information systems in business, and emphasizes how competitive strategies for companies are formulated and implemented using a combination of information technologies. Topics include technology infrastructure, electronic commerce, information resource management, social media, ethical issues related to information systems, cybersecurity, and emerging technology trends.

MISM 3136. Database Design (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MISM 3115 or MISM 3109 with a "C" or better; Co-requisite: CPSC 1301 and 1301L with a "C" or better; . This course introduces the fundamentals of database systems and studies database design, implementation, and management using commercial database software. Topics include: concepts of database systems, popular data models including relational data model and entity-relationship data model, normalization of database tables, structured query language, and database design.

MISM 3145. Business Data Networks and Security (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MISM 3115 or MISM 3109 with a "C" or better. This course introduces networks and data communications including the design, administration, and theory of local and wide area network systems. Students will learn how to plan and design computer networks based on their understanding and the practices in labs using various network software. Topics includes: data communication technologies, network architectures, internetworking, protocols for data link, network, transport, and application layers, effective network design, planning, and implementation, wireless technologies, network management, and security.

MISM 4221. Systems Analysis (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MISM 3115 or MISM 3109 or MISM 3136 and CPSC 3101 and CPSC 1301L all with a "C" or better. This course introduces the concepts and methods of planning and analysis of information systems based on object-oriented technology. Students will learn how to plan information systems projects and how to analyze and model the current business processes to provide blueprints of information systems. Topics include: information system development methodologies, project initiation process including feasibility analysis, requirements definition, and system proposal, and various analysis phase diagrams using UML.