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MPAG 7698. Internship (0-0-3) Prerequisite: Permission of the Director of the MPA Program. Supervised experience in administrative situation related to student's degree program. (S/U grading.)

MPAJ 7107. Courts and Judicial Administration (3-0-3) An introduction to the establishment and development of the structure and processes of the American judicial system and its problems, with special emphasis on trial courts.

MPAJ 7126. Correctional Practices and Problems (3-0-3) Historical development, current issues, and future trends in correctional policy and administration.

MPAJ 7167. Administration and Management in Justice Systems (3-0-3) This course details various managerial approaches and concepts as it pertains to the justice system. It combines theory and application to explore the problems and practices of administrators operating in the justice system.

MPAJ 7555. Selected Topics in Criminal Justice (3-0-3) Current criminal justice issues and special topics examined in class and in conference presentations by regional experts. This course may be repeated for course credit twice under different topics.

MPAJ 6105. Criminal Justice, Race, and Class (3-0-3) A study of ethical criminal justice practices with a focus on racial and gender equity.

MPAO 6108. Distributive Justice (3-0-3) An investigation of equitable based policies and the distribution of societal burdens.