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NURS 6100. Principles of Leadership & Management within Healthcare Organizations ({3-3}-0-{3-3}) Prerequisite: Admission to Graduate program in the School of Nursing. Transitioning from novice to expert in the role of a nursing leader is explored in this course. Content includes theoretical foundations of effective leadership which will enable the student to function effectively in a leadership role in various settings. The management of human, fiscal, and physical health care resources will be emphasized.

NURS 6119. Information Technology in Health Care ({3-3}-0-{3-3}) Prerequisite: Admission to the Graduate Nursing Program. This course examines the implications of the use of health care technology in the workplace as it impacts the areas of advanced clinical practice, nursing administration, and nursing education. Consideration is also given to ethical principles guiding the use of health care technology, and to the organizational and financial issues associated with legislation and public organizational policies This course provides hands-on experience with a certified EHR that accentuates the opportunity for students to assess the potential of such systems to provide decision support and to improve patient outcomes.

NURS 6210. Management of Human Resources in Health Care ({3-3}-0-{3-3}) Prerequisite: NURS 6100 with a grade of B or better. This course will provide the knowledge needed for the nurse leader/manager to be competent in healthcare human resource management. This course will focus on recruitment, selection, and training issues and also on how human resource management needs to be integrated into the strategic planning of the organization. Legal, ethical, and labor issues will be discussed, as well as health and safety issues, and the regional, national and global influences on human resource planning and management.

NURS 6230. Health Care Delivery Systems ({3-3}-0-{3-3}) Prerequisite: NURS 6100 with a grade of B or better. This course is designed for the nurse leader/manager to develop an understanding of the complex regulatory environment in health care delivery systems and the interrelatedness of performance and quality improvement. Also, the framework for understanding the role and contributions of nurse leaders/managers within healthcare systems will be explored. Issues such as public reporting, pay for performance, measurements of patient satisfaction, and other emerging and timely topics will be addressed.

NURS 6240. Health Care Finance ({3-3}-0-{3-3}) Prerequisite: NURS 6100 with a grade of B or better. This course examines the economic and financial issues unique to organizations in health care delivery. It includes an understanding of accounting principles, financial analysis and decision-making tools needed for nurse leaders, principles of economics, the role of accounting and finance on the financial decision making of healthcare managers and executives, reimbursement issues, and the current and future considerations of paying for health care.

NURS 6407. Practicum ({0-3}-9-{3-3}) Prerequisite: For students in Leadership track: NURS 6100, NURS 6210, NURS 6230, and NURS 6240; for students in Education track: NURS 6110, NURS 6220, NURS 6330, and NURS 6440; for students in Informatics track: NURS 6720, NURS 6730, NURS 6740, NURS 6750, and NURS 6760. Classes may be taken concurrently. This clinically based course operationalizes the theoretical principles and norms studied in previous graduate nursing courses. Students will have the opportunity to assume the role of nursing educator, leader, or informaticist and apply concepts within the selected program track.