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SPED 7166. History and Characteristics of Individuals with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities (3-0-{3-3}) This course provides an introduction to the history and characteristics of individuals with autism as well as those with other developmental disabilities including intellectual disabilities. Students will study the research and educational practices used to address the needs of such learners within the K-12 classroom. Specifically, students will gain an understanding of concepts of typical and atypical intellectual development, ecological assessment, and related program development.

SPED 7235. Assessment and Diagnosis of Individuals with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities (2-2-{3-3}) This course provides the theoretical foundations for assessment and diagnosis of individuals with autism and other closely related developmental disabilities (i.e., intellectual disabilities). Students will develop an understanding of assessment approaches that lead to program development. The course stresses both formal evaluation as well as class-based assessment approaches that provide relevant data regarding student levels of performance and response to intervention.

SPED 7115. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports in School Settings (3-0-{3-3}) This course provides an introduction to the theory and application of behavioral principles in education settings. Specifically, the course presents information on the definition and measurement of behavior, reinforcement strategies, systematic program development, classroom instruction, and progress monitoring techniques. The course emphasizes procedures for increasing appropriate behavior through the use of positive behavioral intervention and supports. Concepts introduced in the course are derived from a research base in applied behavior analysis related to learners with diverse learning needs.