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Art options

ARTS 3278. Printmaking: Traditional Media (0-6-3) Prerequisite: ARTS 1010. This course introduces the methodologies and concepts of traditional printmaking processes. These processes include basic technical processes of image making in lithography, intaglio, relief, and monotype. It exposes students to an overview of the tools, methods and materials for making printed artworks with particular focus on how manual printing and traditional techniques relate to contemporary concepts and individual art practice. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 4278. Printmaking: Contemporary Approaches & Hybrid Prints (0-6-3) Prerequisites: ARTS2000. This class explores a contemporary approach to print based image making through working with a range of quickly translated, multi-process, and experimental printmaking techniques. These processes include image transfers, pressure prints, monoprints, screenprint, and relief. It exposes students to an overview of the tools, methods and materials for making prints with particular focus on how collaboration and hybrid applications expand technical and conceptual possibilities. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 5278. Advanced Printmaking (0-6-3) Prerequisites: ARTS 3309 and ARTS 3278 and ARTS 4278. This course is designed for printmaking students who have taken at least three printmaking courses (9 credits) and are ready for substantial independent work. Each student is expected to complete an independently developed project that forms a body of work related in content by the end of the semester. Professional execution and presentation are integral to achieving success in this course. May be taken three times for credit by undergraduate students. (Course fee required).