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H1 options

COMM 3235. Interactive Media Production (2-2-3) Prerequisites: COMM 2105, 2110, 2136 or 2137. An introduction to digital media production and communication in the context of comprehensive communication campaigns, focusing on the use of design, production, and delivery of multimedia communication in publishing, broadcasting, public relations and advertising.(Course Fee Required)

COMM 3257. Video production I (1-4-3) Prerequisites: COMM 2105, COMM 2110, COMM 2136 or COM 2137. The use of video as an effective form of communication, applying the technical and aesthetic principles of television production in a broad range of media contexts while operating a video camera and editing video using editing software (Final Cut Pro). (Course fee required.)

COMM 4257. Video Production II (1-4-3) Prerequisites: COMM 3257 and COMM 2105, COMM 2110, COMM 2136 or COMM 2137. A course in Documentary Web Video Production that is designed to provide students with a framework for production of various documentary styles. The instruction uses readings, screenings, critical analysis, discussion, equipment and process orientation, and supervised and unsupervised field production and editing. We will work with digital video/audio hardware/software to develop advanced media production skills.