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EDEC 7127. Perspectives in Early Childhood Education (3-0-3) This course provides students an opportunity to construct a sense of identity with the field of early childhood education through an understanding of the past as prologue to contemporary thought and practice. The philosophy, history, and impact of early childhood education programs throughout the field's history as well as current trends will be examined.

EDEC 7137. Advocacy and Public Policy in ECE (3-0-3) This course focuses on implementing research-based teaching and learning in the context of public policy awareness and advocacy for appropriate instruction. Students explore avenues for becoming active advocates for appropriate early childhood education. Prerequisite: Admission to Ed.S. or Ed.D. program

EDEC 7155. Cognitive Development in Young Children (3-0-3) Constructivism, neuro-anatomical correlates of learning, and selected theories relevant to the cognitive processes of children from conception through age nine.

EDEC 7899. Research in Early Childhood (0-6-3) Prerequisite: Admission to the Ed.S. program and EDEC 7147 with a C or better. Advanced research investigation under the direction of a major professor and faculty committee. (S/U Grading). (Course fee required.)